Private detectives are no longer detectives

On May 29, 2012, for the first time in the history of Ukraine, the Public Organization «All-Ukrainian Association of Private Detectives» (AUPD) was established and registered, which from the first day until the last time naively believed that a civilized development of the profession «private detective» is possible in Ukraine.

Specialists from AUPD developed a draft law on private detective (search) activities, tried to make amendments and additions corresponding to realities. However, the government has gone on the path of creating a legal field in which Ukrainian private detectives will be deprived of independence and will become completely depend on the Interior Ministry or other law enforcement agencies.

Neither now (without the Law), nor with the Law, representatives of the profession do not have and will not have any protection from possible arbitrariness, as evidenced by the already existing facts of harassment of state-owned private detectives in Ukraine, raising them to the rank of potential criminals.

There are enough facts of such «hunting» and other types of pressure. The profession has prospect of having a Law that is more inherent in dictatorial countries. There is a daily increase in the number of provocations for deliberately criminal services. In different regions of Ukraine there is a negative attitude towards the profession of «private detective» from the part of officials. The market for services to protect business and individuals is more and more semi-literate and sometimes unclean, to the hands of intermediaries.

All this facts make the work in the field of private detective activity senseless, and the goals and tasks of AUPD to create civilized relations between the state and the new profession of «private detective» are turned into fantasies and myths.

Step one (collectively deliberate and verified): private detectives of the «All-Ukrainian Association of Private Detectives» almost unanimously with the full support of colleagues from the international communities leave private detective work. At the same time, the Law, for which so much power has been given, becomes irrelevant for them and remains the brainchild of officials and people’s representatives, with complete indifference to its fate on the part of the participants of the All-Ukrainian Association of Private Detectives.

In order not to lose huge potential and opportunity for help in different spheres of activity for society, business and the individual, innovations are needed. Members of the Association, rejecting confrontation and conflicts with private and public structures, aiming at market needs that do not overlap with the interests of the state, take a decision on the second step.

On August 2, 2018, the Public Association «All-Ukrainian Association of Private Detectives» ceased its work in the field of private detective activity, changed the concept of development and was reorganized into the Public Organization «International Association of Investigators and Anti-Crisis Experts» (IAIACE).

The main aim of the IAIACE activity is the unification of specialists in the protection of business and personalities in the national and international markets, launching on these markets of their own projects (without participation of dissimilar intermediaries) in fulfilling the tasks of business structures in Ukraine and abroad.

This is based on many years of effective contacts with relevant experts in various parts of the world. Now, in the arsenal of investigators and experts of IAIACE, there are opportunities for studying international sales markets, protecting large and medium-sized businesses in a variety of ways, searching people around the world, corporate investigations with complete independence from interested parties, and many other opportunities to prevent and protect against crisis situations.

If it is necessary to conduct private or corporate investigations, IAIACE attracts a wide variety of experts and specialists without recourse to the state resource, as well as from the positions of journalistic investigations on the basis of its own news agency and other created media. From now, IAIACE unites in its ranks not only professional investigators, but also expert negotiators, IT experts, scientists and teachers, lawyers and lawyers, psychologists, polygraph experts, private performers, analysts, conflictologists, intellectual property protection specialists and others.

The territorial scale of the opportunities of the participants of IAIACE is covered by direct business contacts among professionals all over the world.

Investigators and experts on crisis situations with their own capabilities and experience are already forming their own proposals to the market and are going to help business, society and the individual, and turned into fiction, private detective activity, left to all comers. Participants of the IAIACE are always open for mutually beneficial and honest cooperation in the most difficult situations.